Pablo Edelstein

Pablo Edelstein

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Pablo Edelstein mastered the arts of ceramic sculpture, painting, engraving, and drawing and he dabbled in collages and happenings. His repertoire included eroticism, bullfighting, flowers, landscapes, busts, still life, experimentation, geometry, and abstraction. He was obsessed with the human figure, which he polished and synthesized until it became angular. At the end of his journey, he was captivated by the Möbius strip and the desire to capture an idea of infinity in metal sheeting.

Monumental pieces and murals left his mark in public spaces. In his studio, which was always open to students, his children, and grandchildren, there were days when a live model was present and he would create one sketch after another, while other days were devoted to ceramics. Everything in his studio made him happy.

Mujeres - Pablo Edelstein
Pablo Edelstein


Art never stopped resonating with Pablo Edelstein. Unfazed by commercial success, he devoted his life to his passion for creating. He achieved mastery in ceramics, without neglecting painting, drawing, engraving, sculpture, collages, the happening and mural art.

The son of enlightened Europe, a champion of swords and horses, he was also a lover of music and reading, as well as a knowledgeable guide of the vast pampa, a loving father, and a dedicated teacher.

Some Pablo's Artworks